Introduction to the WingCash Privacy Policy

WingCash is a unique system for making payments over the Internet without a fee. WingCash achieves a balance between transaction privacy and transparency in the following ways:

  • When you join WingCash, you create a public profile page that has your name, picture, and the date you joined WingCash.
  • A link to your profile is shown on the WingCash Pages you hold.
  • Anyone may view the WingCash Pages you hold from a web browser without logging in. (However, only you can see the contents of your WingCash wallet, and your financial data is always private and secure.)
  • The WingCash Pages you have most recently sent or received may be viewed by anyone who visits your profile page, except for WingCash Pages that were part of a private transaction. Some businesses require privacy to comply with regulations. When you send or receive WingCash as part of private transaction, the WingCash Pages are only visible to the payor and the payee.

Ensuring both privacy and transparency encourages trust among all the parties involved in a transaction.

Download the Policy

The complete policy is available in PDF form.

Download the WingCash Privacy Policy.